He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15

How has COVID-19 affected our Nigerian Missions Project?

Shepherd Care Orphanage:  The orphanage has been affected during the pandemic just like the rest of the world.  However, they have had food thanks to donors sending funds.  Even though the country was in lockdown for several weeks.  The kids have experienced some illnesses, but none have been diagnosed with Covid.  One bright spot is that the orphanage has been a beacon in the community by sharing food and medications with some of the most needy in the area.  They have exhibited a true spirit of the Macedonian church of 2 Corinthians 8 through “giving out of their poverty.”


Bender Scholar Schools:  All schools were closed in late March by the state.  Therefore, the 450+ students enrolled at Bender Scholar Schools were unable to complete their school year.  Since internet access is almost nonexistent, they had no opportunity of participating in virtual learning as is prevalent here in the U.S.  Just recently (August) some classes have began to reassemble and complete testing for the school year. Nigeria as a whole is opening back up and the school is expected to enter into the new school year later in September.


SCIM Farm:  The farm has experienced major improvement projects over the past few months.  The construction of a drainage canal has been completed. The canal is draining water from swampy wetland allowing it to be converted to productive farmland.  They have planted 500 plantain, 100 coconut trees and various other fruit crops since the completion of the canal.  Also, a fish pond has been constructed which will also be used for irrigation.  The pond will be stocked with catfish in September.


Being orphaned in Africa is a death sentence to a child. The goal at Shepherd Care is to provide a place for them to lay their head, meals to eat, an education, someone to love them, and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Blessings like that are miracles to the orphans in Africa.


Groups come to Shepherd Care several times a year for a variety of ministry areas. Teaching, farming, building, health care and more are just some of the areas that visitors can support the work.


Bender School:

Not only are we striving to meet the physical needs, but the opening of Bender School brought a new level of opportunity through a K-12 education. We've been blessed with incredible teachers and staff that pour into the children each day.



With the addition of acreage for farming, the programs of Bender School can expand to include Agriculture and Livestock Education. Fish production is on the horizon...we just have to figure out how to make it happen. The farm will also help provide better nutrition options.

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